History & Goals

Echoes is the brainchild of Estelle Berger ’11, who launched the program in 2009 as a high school junior, with support from Friends of the OES Library (FOESL) and the English department. With a small group of students, she established the Echoes Writing Celebration in Lower School, the Echoes Writing Contest in Upper School, and the Echoes Book Drive.

Since Estelle’s graduation, a cadre of younger students and a faculty advisor have stepped in to carry on the mission. We continue to work with FOESL and the English department, and we maintain the program’s core traditions while seeking to add a dynamic Web presence and a Middle School event, as well as discussion groups, writing groups, partnerships between divisions, excursions into Portland, and publishing platforms. We aim to become the go-to place for OES students in all divisions as they seek connections beyond the classroom in pursuing their love of the written word.

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