Friday, September 28, 2012

Writing Contest Guidelines

Contest Deadline Approaching!

Deadline is November 30, 2012. Submit here

Here are the Guidelines:

All Upper School students are invited to participate in the 2011 Echoes Writing Contest. You can submit up to two pieces in each of the three categories: poetry, nonfiction, and fiction.

  • Submit up to three poems, which will be judged as a set.
  • Submit a personal essay, memoir, or piece of literary journalism.
  • Must not exceed 5,000 words (up to about 16 pages, double-spaced)
  • Submit a short story, vignette, sketch, or chapter from a longer work.
  • Must not exceed 5,000 words (up to about 16 pages, double-spaced)
1.     Please do not submit previously published work. Class assignments and pieces published in the OES Art Lit magazine are acceptable. 
2.     Your work will be judged by a panel of professional writers. One winner and one runner-up in each category will be selected. Judges will also have the option of awarding a Fresh Voices prize to one talented freshman in each category.
3.     Submit your writing (as an attachment) to by midnight on Friday, November 302011.
4.     All entries must include a title page showing the title of work(s), author's name, grade, category, and number of words. Submissions should be typed and double-spaced, using 12-point font.